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Robotics education has attracted the attention of those in the educational field as an essential learning tool to develop many skills from preschool to high school. A lot of innovative companies have been moved to introduce a lot of valuable tools such as EV3, NXT, WeDo, and Arduino. 21st-century skills highly depend on skills gained by educational robotics like creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and many other skills. Therefore, educational robotics is a very helpful tool in education and should be used in all schools.

1.Ā It helps students to learn subjects effectively.

Educational robotics activities enhance classroom teaching, and through the process of constructing robots, students could improve their cognitive and learning skills. Robotics can help students to better understand the subjects and let them apply what they learn in schools in hands-on projects. Educational robotics opens a lot of doors in front of the students and helps them to understand a lot of concepts in math and physics.

2.Ā Educational robotics develops programming skills.

Programming has become one of the most important skills of efficiency today not only for workers with computers but also for all ages because these skills improve productivity and creativity. Different tools are needed to learn programming such as Arduino that is used to facilitate the learning of programming. Arduino is a platform that receives a code from the computer and gives these orders to function as a robot. Therefore, the usage of Arduino makes a relationship between the programming codes written in the computer and the reality, so students can better understand these codes to function their robots.

3.Ā Educational robotics enhances the computational thinking of students.

Computational thinking contributes to creating a successful generation that meets the increasing concerns of the modern economy about technology. The integration of engineering education which relies on STEM learning in schools from elementary to secondary education increases the ability of students to learn engineering subjects. Robotics is one of the most important elements of technology to integrate engineering technology into schools. The use of educational robotics contributes to increasing the creativity of students in technology and encourages them to make the right decision that makes them inventive in the future.

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