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National Scratch Olympiad 2024!

Starting 2017 Scratch Olympiad unites participants from all continents. Scratch is a visual event-driven programming environment designed for children and adolescents, while at the same time finding millions of adult fans. Scratch is the door to the world of “big programming” and the Scratch Olympiad brings together the most talented future developers and innovators.

Students from 7 years old and adults from any corner of the planet can become participants in the Scratch Olympiad.

Scratch (scratch.mit.edu) is a free programming environment designed to engage children in creative learning experiences. The International Scratch Creative Programming Olympiad is not affiliated with Scratch or the Scratch Foundation.

  1. Choose your nomination
  2. Create your project at Scratch. (scratch.mit.edu)
  3. Test your project
  4. Finalize your project
  5. Submit your project (Share your project to get the link)
  6. Get a confirmation
  7. Wait for the results
  8. Get a certificate and an award
  • My world, 7-8 year old
  • My book, 9-10 year old
  • Know-all, 11-12 year old
  • Games, 13-14 year old
  • STREAM-project, 15-18 year old
  • Scratch School, 18 and older

    Important Links

    Important Dates

    • 10th June (Monday 8.30 p.m.) :Briefing (Free)
    • 15th June (Saturday 9.00 a.m) : Scratch Class Session 1 – 25 max (registration starts on 11th June 12pm)
    • 22nd June (Saturday 9.00 a.m) :¬†Scratch Class Session 2¬†– 25 max¬†(registration starts on 18th June 12pm)
    • 1st June- 25th June:¬†Project Nomination
    • 25th June- 30th June: Acceptance of video submission (only shortlisted participants)
    • 15th July: Publication of preliminary results
    • 16th -20th July: Receiving appeals (via email – olympiad_msia@g-robotechasia.com)
    • 25th July : Publication of final results

    Our Valuable Customers & Partners

    Ministry of Education
    Malaysian Digital Economic Corporation
    Python Institute
    IRC Academy